Dental Bridges

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Photo by mdphoto16/iStock / Getty Images

A dental bridge is mainly a structure which aims to bridge the gap which may be created between one or more missing teeth. It is made using two or more crowns for the teeth. Bridges are getting increasingly popular because they help in restoring the aesthetic beauty of the smile. They also assist in maintaining the perfect contour and shape of the face.
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What are the types of dental bridges?

There are several types of dental bridges and let us see what the different categories are.

The traditional bridges

These types of bridges mainly involve the creation of a crown for either the tooth or the implant. The bridge is created on either side of the missing tooth. Mostly porcelain which is fused to metal or ceramics is used for making the bridge.

Removable bridges

Also known as partial denture, there is restoration done which is removable. There is a plastic case which is gum coloured which is added to the base. While these are a cost effective option, they do not really offer the same stability as fixed bridges.

Cantilever bridges

Cantilever bridges involve crowning one adjacent tooth in the form of bridge. It is the crown which will support the whole restoration. While more aesthetically pleasing, this form of bridge is not recommended on back teeth because the molar takes a lot of exertion during the biting process.

Maryland bonded bridges

In this form of dental bridges, the minimal alteration of the teeth structure is done. In order to apply a Maryland bonded bridge, the dentist will micro-etch the two supporting teeth. The bridges are made with the help of resin wings and they can also be custom matched so as to match with the colour of the nearby teeth.

How long does a dental bridge last?

Ideally, they can last for any time from 5 to 15 years. Of course, a lot depends on how well you handle your teeth, the kind of care you take and the personal hygiene steps which you follow. Along with it, regular checkups will help prolong the life of dental bridges.

The cost of dental bridges

Of course, the price can vary a great deal based upon the dental clinic you have chosen and the dentist who is administering it as well. Ideally, a bridge can cost from $500 for artificial tooth to up to $1200 per tooth as well (Attn Sue; worth your input here!). However, you need to know that there are a lot of other factors which influence the net cost.

Caring And Cleaning Your Dental Bridge

It is important to ensure that you are taking the right kind of measures for the sake of cleaning your dental bridge. Here are a few things which you need to know.

  • Make it a point to brush your teeth twice, once in the morning and once before heading to bed. This is important because going to bed with dirty teeth is a recipe for gum and tooth decay.
  • Always make it a point to rinse your mouth after every meal because not doing so can additionally lead to decaying of the teeth.
  • Always head for regular checkups to your dentists as this will ensure that year dental bridges will last longer and it will also help you keep your teeth hygienic and healthy.

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