Why you need a regular check-up and clean.

At Udental Surry Hills. we care about your teeth, your smile and your on-going health.

That's why we encourage regular dental check ups at an affordable price. By visiting the friendly
dental professionals at Udental, just twice a year, in most cases, you can make sure that
your teeth and gums stay healthy.

The Udental check up and clean also includes X-rays and a 360 degree scan of your jaw. You can make an appointment for this complete treatment for only $250 before health fund claims to celebrate the opening of our new location in Surry Hills.

$250 is a great investment in your ongoing health (not just dental health), as our thorough
check up and clean service can also detect oral health issues that are signals of underlying
health issues.

Your dental health is important and its never too late to start practising proper dental

If you stay on top of your dental check-ups, you will be doing yourself a favour in the long
run. By attending a regular appointment with Udental, together we can keep on top of your
oral health and well-being.